Decorate Your Blog For the Holidays…

and next week’s last class, where you can show your parents what you’ve been working on.

If you want to add music to your blog, try mixpod. Get those playlists humming! G rated please 🙂 UN: PW: fourcorners

Add a widget – lots of Christmas ones at widgetbox. UN: steffb PW: fourcorners

How about some falling snow? Go to Plugins and look for Falling Snow (on your dashboard).

A storybird fan? Write a holiday story. UN: PW: fourcorners

If you’re up for something more advanced, check out this blog entry, with lots of ideas to get you in the holiday spirit!


Remember, anything you make using our class login information will come back to me!

Have fun, and try not to disturb your neighbors…and if you get bored, visit this demo site.

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